NameDr. Gerfried Swoboda alias “Friedl”
Type of Travel Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 718T 6×6
Live Tracking https://eur-share.inreach.garmin.com/FriedlSwoboda
Website www.aroundtheearth.world
SloganIf needed, burns down his car and continues on foot.

Philosophy of a world traveller

We introduce you to the austrian long-term traveller Gerfried Swoboda. “Friedl” tells you what motivates him to make his 3 year trip around the world with his 6×6 Pinzgauer expedition vehicle and how his personal travel philosophy is composed.

Behind the bonnet

Gerfried Swoboda introduces his DIY Offroad Camper. All information about the Pinzgauer from vehicle technology to tips for the camper conversion.

Brief information about the vehicle:

TypeSteyer Puch Pinzgauer 6×6
Purchase priceapprox. 30.000€
Conversion costs~20.000€ – 30.000€

Travel Stories

#01 Mexico – Militia troops, roadblocks and nail boards

What happens when you meet armed militia and rebel troops abroad? This is probably a question every traveller asks himself at some point during his journey. Gerfried Swoboda talks about his experiences with roadblocks and blockades and what he would do differently in the future.

#02 Bolivia, La Paz – Bus accident and nobody speaks english

A monologue on accidents abroad, language barriers and conflict resolution.

#03 Peru – Alone in a rubber dinghy on the Pacific Ocean

GPS watches – a controversial topic. Some see them as a vital must-have on every journey, others see the watch as a kind of “please-rob-me-stamp”. Gerfried Swoboda talks about an experience where his GPS watch might have saved his life.

#04 Guatemala, The Maya culture – 20 days fire and death rituals

Gerfried Swoboda has lived through the Mayan rituals of fire and death for one Mayan month, expanding his consciousness, and tells how this strange world had an effect on him.

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